How well do you know your Java? – Re-discover Java @ Eclipse Summit India 2016!

Eclipse has always been synonymous with Java. And of course, Eclipse has its own Java Compiler (did you know that?) which is used to compile java program in Eclipse. And there is a bunch of tools built around Java Development Tooling and hence no wonder that the language Java has got significant focus at Eclipse Summit India. Let me highlight some of the talks in the Java track at the conference.

Let’s start with that unwelcome guest (or should I say “beast”?) – the Null Pointer. Yours truly having crafted software in C for most of his life got introduced to the world for Java a few years ago and was given to understand that Java did not have pointers. And lo! the first few programs threw the error – Null Pointer Exception! -(and to think somebody had the audacity to tell that there are no pointers in Java)-and  so how we wish the compiler would help in the NPE case at compile time rather than waiting for an irate client to call you when it happens post-production. And how we wish that we did something really smart rather than push this dirt of a problem of unexpected null under the rug of a blanket null pointer check? Well, there is a pre-conference workshop that promises the magic potion – a deep dive into the null analysis feature that has been part of Eclipse releases for the past couple of years. Attend, Learn and Internalize the methods to do fail-fast programming – that fancy phrase in this context meaning compile-time error trapping instead of waiting for that call from the not-so-amused client -I plan to attend The Road to NullPointerException-free Software – Do you?

Now let’s see what the Java track has in store during the conference days – starting with the “future” with – A talk about value types and the project Valhalla expected in Java 10 and beyond by a speaker who was a prolific committer on Eclipse Java compiler in his earlier avatar, and is currently working for javac at Oracle. Yet Another Oracle Orator (sorry yacc :)) takes us from the future to where the reality “bytes” – invokedynamic – the backbone of lambda expression implementation in Java 8. And the Oracle Odyssey continues with this popular speaker who talks about one of the most important features of Java – the garbage collection.

The latest and greatest of the Java Development Tooling (JDT) of Eclipse captured in a series of talks including faster indexing developed by Google, and  refactoring techniques using JDT.  Enhance your debugging experience by attending this talk on Debugging tips. And make your entire life easier or find time for that extra beer by attending the ever popular talk on Eclipse Tips and Tricks!

Last but not the least, the next big thing looming large on the horizon is Java 9 – So we have the Java 9 features explained in this talk  and then we talk about  the support of Java 9 features in Eclipse JDT.  Java 9 promises to help make custom Java 9 images  which is explained in the next session on “building custom runtime images“. And what is a better  way than to end this track than the session on how to prepare to move your code to Java 9?

Ready and Excited?  Meet you all at the first ever Eclipse Summit India @ Bangalore – Aug 25-27!