Hours Away from Eclipse Summit India

Having taken the baby steps (Eclipse Demo Camp, Eclipse Day), it’s the time to take the bigger stage to create the Eclipse footprint among  the developers community in India. This is the first Eclipse summit in India so it’s an opportunity to interact and learn from some of the most celebrated Eclipse Contributors. It is our time to be “seeds of change” in the eclipse community India. It is our time to witness the beauty and the strength of Eclipse community.

Hours away from the Eclipse Summit India 2016, the speakers of the summit have arrived  in Bangalore and the summit preparation is in full swing. Naresh from the program team is working hard on different aspects of the summit to make it a success.

Annamalai is going to Unearth Eclipse Modelling Framework tomorrow. I am pretty excited to attend his workshop and leverage the learning in the work. Let’s get together for amazing three days; let us witness Eclipse spell its magic on day 1; let us decode the Java 9 together on day 2 of conference; let us learn and contribute together.

Hail Eclipse, Hail Open Source !!!