Eclipse Summit 2017 – Final Schedule Announced!

The Eclipse Ecosystem is a LOT MORE than just the Eclipse IDE. Its hosts 340+ projects: MQTT, Jetty, Hudson, Vert.x, AspectJ, GeoMesa, StatET, RCP/SWT, Paho, Babel, EGerrit and many more…

Eclipse Summit India 2017 is the 2nd annual conference presented by the local Eclipse Community in collaboration with The Eclipse Foundation.  Its hosted at Infosys B12, Electronic City, Bengaluru on July 29 2017.

We are extremely please to announce the final schedule –

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Attend the following 18 hand-picked session:

Delivered by our top-notch Speakers:

  1. Annamalai Chockalingam
  2. Daniel Megert
  3. Deepali Kishnani
  4. Deepu Xavier
  5. Gireesh Punathil
  6. Gurpreet Sachdeva
  7. Harkirat Singh Lamba
  8. K.V. Subramaniam
  9. kumaraswamy Gowda
  10. Lakshmi priya
  11. Manoj NP
  12. Mikael Barbero
  13. Naresha K
  14. Naveen Balani
  15. Noopur Gupta
  16. Rajesh Sola
  17. Rammohan Thirupasur
  18. Sasikanth Bharadwaj
  19. Vaibhav Choudhary
  20. Vidyasagar Machupalli
  21. Vrinda A

Covering the following topics:

3d-printing, blockchain, bluemix, cloud, concurrency, data-analysis, drones, dsl, eclipse, eclipse-modeling-framework, eclipse-platform, embedded-and-iot, emf-forms, event-driven, form-based-ui-development, generators-pattern, grammar, groovy, iot, item-providers, java-9, java-8, javascript, language-server-protocol, languages-and-tools, lsp, modeling, nlp, nodejs, non-blocking, oxygen, parallelism, rest, science, security, viatra-query, visualization, web-mobile-cloud-development, whats-new

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